Already 17 now ya'll! But still am small and petite. Despite that I've got a big heart and a huge ego. You'll love me as I spill my greatest ups and downs moments here. Have fun reading, potatoes :-)
Naida xoxo

Saturday, February 12, 2011

you know, i've gotta say reading your own old blog posts is really fun. it's like you're traveling to the past and be reminded of all the things you did you don't even remember until you click the links to your old blog's archives. i used to have so many things to say, to write about here. but then i was a prisoner of the digital world, everyone was using tumblr and i thought it'd be cool to move there. but my tumblr lasted for like a month or so, i haven't blogged again ever since. i've had this blog since 2008, i've had mostly everything written from A to Z here. so yeah, i think i'm gonna re-open this blog and i hope i'll be posting new posts frequently.

have a great weekend ya'll :-)

p.s.: i'm gonna change the background picture sooner or later. it's just so.... high school hehe.



Monday, December 14, 2009
Goodbye, Potatoes

I'm... gonna have to betray blogspot cause I've made a tumblr.

Visit my blog okay that'd be here -> click

Tumblr is so cool I'm gonna have to kiss blogspot a goodbye. I'm sorry.

See ya'll in tumblr okay.



Saturday, December 5, 2009
Best Week

It's funny how this week, which is supposed to be a stressing week, becomes one of my greatest weeks. I've been spending a lot of time with my schoolmate, either by chilling at random places or even chilling at me place watching dvds or making silly videos :) Yknow, turns out UAS isn't so bad afterall. Leaving school early is what's awesome.

Life is about being happy. All you need is to be with people who make you laugh as hard as you can and make you forget that you actually have a pile of problem waiting ahead of you.

Throw away all the drama and have fun peeps :)



Thursday, November 5, 2009
Halimun ♡♡

The answer for my previous post would be: move on and leave everything behind :-)

In which has already been done. I've moved on, I've gotten over him for good. Nothing to regret anymore. Truth be told, calling it off felt so good. No longer gloomy days and no more me complaining. Goodbye then, 359. Isn't it a lot better now that we're over? :)

So, I got home yesterday from my 3-days school trip to Halimun in Sukabumi. It was really awesome, I had a terrific time with my classmates there. I never thought it'd be that fun. Frankly, I never wanted to come in the first place, knowing that we'll be exploring the forest and living in the village. But it wasn't as I imagined. The houses were okay, the house my class stayed at was very fine, dan pas ke hutan? Damn it was one hell of an experience :)

Might not think of doing it for the second time, but I'd love to have that kind of trip with my class again. It's kinda cool yknow, the fact that kita naik truk buat sapi to get to Halimun. The fresh air and the wind's breeze. And also the buses didn't have air conditioner. Could you imagine how hot that would be? Haha but I enjoyed it very well. Membumi for the whole 3 days :-)

Pictures coming soon!



Friday, October 30, 2009
You thought you've lost the feeling...

... turns out you haven't.

so now what?


Thursday, October 22, 2009
The Guy with the First Letter A for Annoying

In my life, I've never hated a person as much. Well, maybe I have, but I never directly showed it. It's because either I didn't get the chance to or I heard bad things about those people, therefore I started disliking them. Probably a couple of them who only pissed me off and got me mad. But the hate wouldn't linger too long.

In my life, I don't think I've ever had enemies. But there should be people who talk about me behind my back, or perhaps hate or dislike me for I-don't-know-what reason. Cause I do talk about people and it's in every person's nature. Talking about other people's pluses and minuses is inevitable, like it comes in a pack with every single one of you.

Alright, enough with the introduction crap. The point is there is this guy who goes to the same school with me, and unfortunately happens to be a classmate of mine in my new school. Thought he was quiet and nice, but as time shortly went by, the first couple weeks I got into 68 he had shown his obnoxious true color. Which, in fact, made the hatred last forever.

I've never dislike a person this much. He's just a true annoying pain in the ass. And if he ever happens to transfer to another school, I seriously am gonna throw a party. When he didn't come to school, it was like really really peaceful. I really wish one day he realizes that he's got a big mouth and need to shut up cause he's damn irritating. He has to understand that he's got awful demeanor and in desperate need of something to wake him up. But if he's finally awaken, the only thing that's gonna disappear is the loathing. I won't befriend with him, cause everything I see from him is barely positive.

I bet he doesn't like me too, cause I've tackled him twice. Oh, have I mentioned that he likes to take other people's stuffs (read: stationaries, text books), claims them as his, and when confronted he'd be like, "Oh, I don't know." "Why is it always me?" and other shits. One time Peira was looking for books in our locker and found my chemistry text book in his locker. The one I've been looking for since the beginning of grade 12. So I confronted him, with the whole class listening, and gave him a hella a lecture. He needs to go to the rehab perhaps. Klepto.

Enough said. Btw, just to let ya'll know, I'm writing a post about him not because I care about him or whatsoever. Hell to the fckn no. I just want to let the world know that I truly detest him and a bit of proof that I don't mouth when I say he's a pain in the ass.

no such thing as xoxo for this post


Sunday, October 11, 2009
Piccies and Love

my best girls :-)

those who made the party happen ;-)

my dearest cimsey ♥ (and adam?)

i had the crown all to myself that night. the best october the 10th so far :-)



Can you believe it? I'm 17

Being a birthday girl for one whole day is just amazing :-) held a birthday party at my house yesterday and it was a blast. Though it's kinda hard to merge binusian and my 68 friends haha. I just hope all you guys had a good time.

To reuben :
I'm sorry, I really am sorry. I never thought it'd make you feel that way. I'm sorry I couldn't stay by your side the whole time last night. I wanted to, I really really did. But the situation's not perfect enough. But if I could rewind to last night, I would stay by your side. I really would :( I'm so sorry. Thanks for your surprise visit to my house at midnight, on my birthday. One of those things that made my 17th birthday.



Sunday, September 27, 2009
Just Little Changes


This blog has been ditched for a month or so. It's either I didn't have the time to write or just plain laziness. So, a lot of thing has happened while this blog is not taken care of. And school's about to start in 3 days. I really really want to go back to the first day of Lebaran break. I do not want school please please?

I happened to read the previous posts and was like, "Whoa, my love life sucked this bad?". Haha, it was full of drama, disappointment, remorse, etc. Thought about calling things off a few times, but seemed to fail cause I got lured by his sweet talks. And then out of nowhere a few days ago, or perhaps a week ago, he became nice! Like, he changed for good. It wasn't because I wanted to break things off or I asked him to. We just talked and talked and talked, and suddenly he just couldn't stop talking to me. He became really responsive and really sweet. Late night phone call almost every night. This relationship all of a sudden becomes worthy.

"Lu nyantet gua y?"

It's like I put him under a spell, like he finally noticed my charm :p
I love it when he makes me smile.
I love it when he calls.
I love being needed.
Fingers crossed, let the magic lasts long.




Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stories you tell, as we lay in bed, all afternoon
It's a part of the list of things that I miss